Everything you need to know about becoming a construction apprentice

Information for applicants

Preparing for Interview

Employers will want to see you at your best when you go along for interview.  They want to find out how well you are going to fit in, so here are a few ideas about the sorts of things they might ask you.

What are employers looking for?

In training you have to work with your hands (making things, finishing things, producing things) and also with your mind (doing sums, understanding instructions and plans, learning how different materials are handled).

Are you good at these things?

Your employer won't want you to drop out of your apprenticeship because it's not what you expected or you don't like it.

How sure are you that you want to learn a construction trade?

In construction you have to work in teams so you need to be able to get on with other people.

Will you be able to play your part in your company and in your college?

Your employer will expect you to turn up on time and do what is required of you.

What sorts of questions might they ask?

Why are you interested in working and training in construction?

What do you know about what it will be like working and training in construction?

What sort of work experience have you had? 

This doesn't have to be paid work. It could be building or repairing things around your home.

What do you do in your spare time?

Do you have interests or hobbies that might be relevant to construction work?

Things to take to your interview if you have them

  • A school report.
  • Examples of things you have made (but don't over do it, 1 or 2 will be enough - take the thing you are most proud of).
  • If you can't take something you have made, perhaps because it's too big or can't be moved, take a drawing or a photograph or copies of instructions you used.
  • Write down a list of things you have made or done which might show your ability to do construction work.
  • Take along any certificates, awards, badges or trophies you have of any sort.

What about asking your own questions?

Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have them.

Don't feel that you have to ask questions.

Ask questions if there are things you would like to know, or which will help you to make up your mind about working for the employer.

If you think that you haven't had chance to say something important about yourself make sure you say it at the end.