Everything you need to know about becoming a construction apprentice

Entry requirements for an apprenticeship - Wales

Find out what you need to do to apply for a CITB-ConstructionSkills apprenticeship and what funding is available.

Generally, there are no set entry requirements for a Construction Building, Civil Engineering or Specialist Apprenticeship but there may be specific requirements for Plant Maintenance and Construction Technical, Supervisory and Management Apprenticeships. 

Are you considering applying for an apprenticeship in England or Scotland?

What do you need?

It would be helpful to have GCSEs/Standard Grades in Maths, English/Welsh or Technology so that you can do the necessary calculations, measurements and theory.

However, there are a number of ways for you to enter an apprenticeship programme. You could progress on to one from any of these routes: 

  • GCSEs achieved in school or college
  • Pathways to Apprentices
  • Workbased Learning Pathways in Construction
  • Principle Learning in Construction and the Built Environment (14-19)
  • Welsh Baccaulaurate
  • Key Skills/Essential Skills Application of Number and Communication
  • Entry/Craft Qualification at Level 1 Qualifications in Construction
  • Women and Work Sector Pathways Initiative (W&WSPI)
  • Construction Youth Trust which supports young people's journey into work
  • Training to Work Programmes (e.g. Traineeships, Steps to Employment)

You'll also need a suitable level of physical fitness to do some jobs as they involve moving and handling resources and placing and fixing materials.

Don't worry if you have a disability though as there are apprenticeships that may still suit you.

Am I eligible for funding?