Everything you need to know about becoming a construction apprentice

Reviews of Progress

As an apprentice, you need to know that you're on track to achieve your career goals.

Regular reviews provide you with the chance to look at what's been going on in your training and will help you plan ahead. Your apprenticeship officer will carry out these reviews with you, your tutor and your employer.

The reviews look at what you've achieved and record how you are getting on with your training. They also plan what you should do before your next review and identify any support you might need to help you achieve your apprenticeship.

You'll have the chance to discuss all aspects of your progress with your apprenticeship officer, tutor and employer.

Basic Skills Support and Mentoring

All apprentices have to complete a basic literacy and numeracy assessment to find out where they may need additional support to help them with their apprenticeship. If basic skills support is necessary, it may be delivered:

  • formally - your college (or training provider) can arrange for additional lessons, one to one support, readers for tests or additional time to complete tests
  • informally - your tutor can support you through lessons as and when required
  • by your apprenticeship officer who is also available to support you

Learner Voice

Apprentices will be able to provide feedback through Learner Voice.