Everything you need to know about becoming a construction apprentice

What is an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship programme combines on site experience with college learning to provide the right balance of training and real life experience.

What is an apprenticeship?

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Earn while you learn

A CITB-ConstructionSkills apprenticeship usually lasts between two and four years depending on where you're based and what level of qualification you're studying for. During this time you will be allocated an apprenticeship officer to support and guide you through your training programme. 

As an apprentice, you will:

  • be in full-time employment
  • be paid a minimum of £95 a week - many apprentices earn considerably more
  • gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • get hands-on experience to help you develop the skills you need to kick start a successful career

On the job training is structured and agreed with your employer to ensure you learn the right skills.

Off the job training is arranged for you at a college or training centre. You can complete this training on day release or over a number of days in a series of blocks.

Types of Apprenticeships

Plastering, scaffolding and carpentry are just a few of over 30 different apprenticeships available in construction. You might be familiar with some of the choices, but there are plenty of others that might just surprise you.

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Levels of Apprenticeship

The CITB-ConstructionSkills Apprenticeship Scheme offers apprenticeships at three levels:

  • Level 2 - which is equivalent to GCSE's/Standard Grades
  • Level 3 - which is equivalent to A Levels/Highers
  • Level 4 - which is equivalent to Foundation Degree/Advanced Highers

An apprenticeship to Level 2 takes two years to complete. Apprentices may continue for an additional year to achieve Level 3.

A Level 4 is for people who want to progress into Technical, Design and Management careers.

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