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Construction Ambassadors

We're looking for talented individuals to become Construction Ambassadors. We need industry professionals such as you to act as the face of the industry, sharing positive experiences with young people who are considering construction as a career. Together we can inspire them and help them see the wide range of opportunities that the construction industry offers.

What is a Construction Ambassador?

Construction Ambassadors are people who already work in construction with at least two years' construction experience in training or employment and will participate in careers events to market construction to young people. They are passionate about their work and happy to share their experiences with others. 

A Construction Ambassador can come from any background within construction. They may have started as a graduate or a representative of the trade careers. The only thing that is important is that they can motivate young people and help them see that a career in construction has potential for them.

What does a Construction Ambassador do?

Employees who become Construction Ambassadors are required to complete a minimum of one day per year at an event/opportunity at our request. These will vary from careers conventions and seminars to site visits, activity days and mentoring opportunities. 

Construction Ambassadors may also be asked to give presentations to small groups of young people and answer any questions they have about the industry. 

Events will be professionally arranged by CITB-ConstructionSkills Careers Advisers. Working as an ambassador you may also be asked by your employer to contribute at suitable events promoting the industry, as part of your corporate social responsibility.

Construction Ambassadors Leaflet

What are the benefits for the employer?

This programme raises awareness of the industry and career opportunities to young people. It seeks to embed itself within the employer's strategy for corporate social responsibility based around engagement with education and is a vehicle for encouraging participation in construction apprenticeship programmes. 

The programme raises the profile of the industry and is a working example of good practise for employers who want to enhance their strategy for contributing to the development of construction in the labour market and especially with new entrants. Participants will benefit from continued personal development and enhanced skills.

What costs are involved?

The course is delivered free of charge by CITB-ConstructionSkills careers teams, however we do reserve the right to charge a cancellation cost if confirmed delegates do not attend.  

What are the next steps?

The overall aim of the scheme is to inspire young people to become enthusiastic towards the industry's varied career opportunities using the Ambassador network accross England, Scotland and Wales. 

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