There's a variety of jobs on offer in the construction industry

Becoming a Construction Ambassador

This is where you will find out all the information about the Construction Ambassador experience; from the day of training to going to careers events. We want to help you answer any of the questions that you may have.

Pre Course:

How does the course work?

Each course will depend on how many delegates are attending but we try and keep to a 0930-1630 timeframe. We have to give you a lot of information but we aim to make it fun, interactive and as relaxing as possible.

Course Outline

You have to give two presentations on the day, lasting for two minutes and then five minutes.  We then give you information on the education system to help you when you attend events 

Another part of the course will involve an overview of CITB-ConstructionSkills so that you are able to point people in the right directions for more advice.

Tea/coffee and usually lunch will be available.

What sort of people do you have on the course?

You need to be eager and enthusiastic to represent your employer and to promote the industry to young people. 

As long as you are keen to act as an industry ambassador then you will enjoy the course and its principles.

Where will I have to go?

If it is just you wanting to attend, or two or three people from your company, you will probably be invited to a regional course. This could be somewhere in the county where you live or work.

We will try and arrange a course for you at your company's premises if it is possible.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You might want to bring a laptop and a virus free memory stick if you have one, but these are not necessary requirements.

It might also help to bring along any pictures or information about past/present construction projects that you have worked on.

Post Course:

Will I be able to give feedback on the course and events?

Feedback of any kind is extremely important to us, both during the course and following events. There will be a feedback form to fill in immediately following the course for your thoughts and suggestions.

We will review the course on a six-monthly basis and will send you a form for you to contribute to this.

What happens after the training day?

Once you become a trained Construction Ambassador you will be invited to careers events on behalf of CITB-ConstructionSkills and your employer.

The Careers Advisor who ran your course will be your most likely local contact although that will depend on where you want to operate. They will send you invitations and we ask that you attend a minimum of one CITB-ConstructionSkills event per year.

Do you keep my details?

We keep a national database which holds basic information about you. This helps us to give your company management information reports about their ambassadors, detailing courses dates and events attended.

You will receive a form to update your details at the start of each year to keep the database up-to-date.

How will this course help develop my presentation skills?

You will receive a certificate to show you have completed the course and any work you do for us can usually be used as part of your CPD.

Our main objective is to enhance your presentation skills, particularly to young people in full time education. You will learn about the full range of technical and professional craft careers so that you are confident in pointing young people in the right direction.