What's involved

Specialist contractors use a wide range of techniques, materials and equipment to carry out diverse drilling works. These range from initial ground investigation to various forms of geotechnical processes such as grouting and anchoring.

Other drilling activities, such as water wells, geothermal and landfill, also come under the land drilling remit. These works are conducted from the surface or occasionally underground (such as in tunnels or confined spaces).

Skills required

Land drilling is physical work so good fitness is important. You also need to be precise, accurate, and able to follow instructions and enjoy working outdoors in all weather conditions.

As a land drilling operative you may get the opportunity to travel around and sometimes work overseas.

Qualifications required

There are no specific academic requirements to train as a land drilling operative, although GCSE Grades A-G/ Standard Grades 1-7 in Maths, English/Welsh and Technology will be helpful for the calculations, measurements and theory (applications from students with the Foundation/Intermediate Welsh Baccalaureate are also welcomed).

The preferred minimum age for new recruits will be 18 due to the nature and responsibilities of the work.

Salary ranges

Qualified and experienced land drilling operatives can expect to earn in the region of £25,000 - £30,000.

Progression routes

Progression is varied and you can either remain in the role or work your way up through formal training to become a supervisor or manager.