What's involved - View painter and decorator Reece's video

There is a lot more to painting and decorating in the construction industry and the work can range from large jobs to very intricate projects.

For example, it could involve applying heavy-duty coatings on oil rigs or bridges, or even working in stately homes and grand hotels to skillfully apply ornate decorations.

Most of the work is carried out indoors, but you need to be prepared to work outside and travel to different sites. As you would expect, you also need to follow strict health and safety regulations at all times.

Skills required

You'll need to have good practical and creative skills and will have to work carefully, so being able to pay attention to detail will be a big help.

You need to be happy working alone or as part of a team and, as you could be working on large structures in this job, a good head for heights and sense of balance is essential.

Qualifications required

There are no formal requirements although it would help to have Maths and English or Welsh GCSE Grades A-C. (Applications from students with the Foundation or Intermediate Welsh Baccalaureate are also welcomed).

Salary ranges

(This is a guide to the average salary a fully qualified and experienced person might expect to get.)

£17,000 - £23,000

Progression routes

This apprenticeship will enable progression to:

  • Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3) in Painting and Decorating

Find out what a real apprentice thinks:


Which company do you work for?

I work for the Bourneville Village Trust. We do property repairs, maintenance and small new builds.

Why did you choose this career?

I chose to do painting and decorating because I'd done it straight from school with family - doing weekend work.

What do you do day-to-day?

On a daily basis I do small repairs. When I'm brought in I do painting, tiling and small plastering jobs.

What's the coolest thing you've done so far?

The coolest thing I've done in my apprenticeship is spraying Bentley and Lamborghini showrooms. You're quite scared of damaging anything in there! But it's really good. We spent nights working there which was really good. I've also wallpapered churches and museums with special papers.

What are the good bits about your job?

You tend to think painting and decorating is just a brush, a roll of paint and a wall. You don't think actually look into it that deeply, but there's a lot more to it. If you're good at it and you're willing to learn you can be successful.

What would you say to anyone who wanted to try this?

What I'd say to someone who is thinking of doing this is just go for it! Don't bother sitting around. Just do it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself in 10 years having people working for me. I'd love it. I think I could do it and the work's probably out there to do it as well.