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Recruiting an apprentice can be of mutual benefit

Myths about taking on apprentices

There are many myths behind taking on an apprentice and we're here to dispel some of them.

Rising above the myths

From the outside, taking on an apprentice might seem like a difficult and time consuming undertaking, but they can make a real difference in helping shape the future of your business.

Myth 1: If you sign your apprentice up to a local college, it means you have registered with CITB and will definitely get an automatic grant.

Fact:  To be eligible for an automatic grant you need to register your apprentice with CITB. To begin this process register your vacancy online. Your apprentice will need to apply to CITB using bConstructive.

If you don't register then your apprentice will not be part of the CITB Managing Agency programme and you will not automatically get a grant.

Myth 2: 16-18 year olds are not allowed on site.

Fact: There's nothing in employment law that states this and the HSE don't say this either. For more information on employing young people, visit the HSE website.

Myth 3: Your insurance company won't let you have an apprentice or your insurance will be more expensive.

Fact: Most insurance companies will cover apprentices at no extra cost, although you need to check with your insurer for confirmation.

Myth 4: If I take on an apprentice and register with CITB it will cost me a fortune in levy.

Fact: If your annual wage bill is below £80,000 you will not be liable for any levy and can claim full grants for all apprentices of up to £9,000 (over the length of the apprenticeship). CITB pays all college fees (this may be age restricted in some countries) and assistance for travel and accommodation costs may also be available.

Myth 5: Apprentices mean lots of paperwork.

Fact: CITB will complete all the paperwork, undertake health and safety inspections, review the apprentice in the workplace and training centre and provide feedback to you. Apprentice grants are also paid automatically to apprentices when they are appointed through us.

Myth 6: My work is specialised and there is no training scheme to accommodate it.

Fact: CITB has apprenticeship courses in most specialised trades. We have our own centres, such as the National Construction College (NCC), which teach most of the popular specialised trades and a National Specialist Team who can set up apprenticeships in other trades.

See the list of apprenticeship roles available.

There are many benefits to taking on an apprentice.