For employers

Recruiting an apprentice can be of mutual benefit

The benefits of taking on apprentices

Employing apprentices and having trained staff can help you meet the challenges ahead.

What other benefits are there to taking on an apprentice?

There are many challenges for businesses in the construction industry including increased competition, shifting markets, technological and organisational change, and the economic crisis.

Successful organisations have strong strategic managements, anticipate change by training or buying-in skills, enlarge their range of products and services, become more customer focused and adapt to changing markets and processes.

Many modern qualifications and training courses are designed with the help of employers so an apprentice will develop the skills and knowledge needed in your workplace.

There are many other benefits too:

  • Employees feel more valued which leads to increased staff morale, loyalty, commitment and retention
  • Developing new skills and knowledge in different technical and business areas will help when you tender for new work
  • Skills shortages and gaps can be filled by existing apprentices and staff who you know and trust
  • Improved health and safety and reduced absenteeism
  • A better corporate image as an employer and be perceived as excellent in training and development by shareholders, potential employees and clients
  • Improved team performance and employees can pass on skills and knowledge learned to colleagues
  • Improved staff understanding and commitment to organisational culture and business drivers
  • Employees are familiar with new legislation and can comply with regulations
  • Employees are better able to use new technologies
  • Achievement of quality standards

Of course, if you train employees they might leave, but it is much worse if you don't train them and they stay.

Once you have an apprentice there are ways that you can help them.