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Last year CITB helped over 3,500 people like you to gain construction apprenticeships. We continue to work with employers to provide fun and fulfilling apprenticeship programmes to everyone who succeeds in getting accepted. We are the leading name in construction training. There's no better way to make your start in construction.

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Reasons to work with CITB

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Join the most successful national construction apprenticeships provider now!

At CITB, we help more apprentices to build enjoyable careers in construction. We offer unrivalled support and training throughout your apprenticeship - and beyond.

We can help whether your ambition is:

  • to be a first-class craftsperson
  • to learn a wide range of valuable skills
  • to go into management
  • to set up your own business one day

Construction offers so many ways to build a successful career. With an apprenticeship through CITB, have a look at some of the options that maybe open to you (link to roles). 

CITB is your best choice if you're looking to build a career in construction:

  • Our Apprenticeship Officers give you one-to-one help, every step of the way
  • You're more likely to complete your apprenticeship with us
  • You can learn at our National Construction College or at one of 160 colleges around the country
  • Working with us is the only way for your employer to get all the funding they need to support you right through your apprenticeship

Don't forget that if you choose a CITB apprenticeship, you will receive one-to-one support from a local Apprenticeship Officer - all the way through your apprenticeship - which means you are more likely to complete your training.

Each apprentice is allocated with a dedicated Apprenticeships Officer who will mentor and guide them through their apprenticeship. They will ensure that the apprentice's training fits their personal requirements, offers the skills needed for the job and satisfies national standards. They will also be there to help them through any difficult times.

Plus, employers prefer CITB apprentices as they can be sure that with us, they are getting all the Grant support available to them.  So take a look at what we offer and you could be doing something amazing sometime soon.

With a CITB apprentice, you could claim up to £9,000* towards training. We are the only provider who offers this financial support. We also assist with more support when making the claim. No-one does more to help you build with fresh talent.

It is estimated that in 2012, 310,000 people will be working in construction's specialist trades and it's sure to keep growing.  That's why CITB set up the National Specialist Team (NST). Working closely with federations, trade associations and the kinds of employers you could be working with in the future, they develop training to help different construction sectors find the right talent for their unique needs. The kind of master craftspeople who are trained to operate high value, high-tech equipment or have the skills to help create state of-the-art buildings. That could be you.

Contact us to find out more about the types of roles offered including through the Specialist Apprenticeship Programme.