Helping a young person choose a suitable career

Helping a young person become an apprentice

We're here to make it as easy as possible for a young person in your care to become an apprentice.

Applying made easy

CITB-ConstructionSkills provides the best practical support to make everything as easy as possible for apprentices, their families and carers and employers.

We can assist with costs, advice and assign an apprenticeship officer to help with the apprenticeship process so you won't need to worry.

Helping a young person in your care become an apprentice is simple:

Step 1

Help them decide which apprenticeship they'd like to do by using our Career Advisor and Roles support to find out what job is suitable for them and complete the application form.

Step 2

Help them prepare for the assessment by completing the practice booklet.

Step 3

Help them get ready for interviews with potential employers and make good use of our dedicated apprenticeship officers to help secure an apprenticeship vacancy and start their new job and course well.