Advising on construction careers

Advising on construction careers

Are you being asked about apprenticeships or careers in construction? Well you've come to the right place.


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What to say when asked about construction

In these pages you can find out about the different occupations in construction and the sort of people who work in them. You can use our Career Advisor tool to help your pupils see what sort of jobs might interest them and you can check out local events and contacts if you need to find out more.

Who are CITB?

CITB is the UK's leading training provider for construction apprenticeships. We work in partnership with colleges all over the UK, managing achievements and supporting our young learners and their employers.

With over 45 years' experience working within the construction industry, CITB is proud to be involved in training the new generation of skilled construction workers.

Our staff are all experienced in working with young people and are qualified in all aspects of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. All staff who work with young people have undergone Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks.

Frequently asked questions

There are many reasons why young people should apply for a CITB Apprenticeship. Below are some answers to some typical questions you may be asked.

How will you ensure apprentices work for a decent company?

All apprentices are fully employed for the duration of their Apprenticeship training. All companies offering Apprenticeships register voluntarily with CITB and are checked by qualified staff.

How do you ensure that young apprentices will be safe?

Registered companies are required to ensure that all of their staff are fully insured at work and apprentices are supervised by experienced workers, many of whom are ex-CITB apprentices.

Each company undergoes a full health and safety audit prior to an apprentice being placed and regular checks of the apprentice's safety are carried out during site reviews.

CITB will not work with any company that is unwilling to be safety compliant.

How will you make sure that a young person attends the right course at the right college for them?

CITB work with the majority of local colleges of further education throughout England and more specialised Apprenticeships are offered at a choice of National Construction Colleges.

Before being accepted, all apprentices undergo an entry test to ensure their suitability and ability to complete the course.

How can you ensure that a young person completes a recognised Apprenticeship?

All construction qualifications are SVQ/NVQ and Diploma based and are nationally recognised. Dedicated staff are also allocated to colleges and are available to provide ongoing support and advice on SVQ/NVQ achievement and Careers Progression.

A Construction Apprentice Scheme (CAS) agreement signed by all parties is put in place as a formal apprenticeship deed. Regular formal progress reviews are carried out by CITB and all parties are informed of the results.

CITB has been awarded a Grade 1 by OFSTED in England and are classed as a 'Outstanding' training provider. Read the Work-based learning report for further details of what our “Outstanding” means.

What happens after the Apprenticeship?

Ongoing advice is provided on progression routes based on the individual's ability and ambition.

What's the benefit of an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with qualifications, which gives apprentices the ability to earn as they learn. Combining college learning with on-site experience, apprentices are ensured they have the right balance of technical skills and practical experience.

CITB also meet all costs related to qualifications for its own apprentices.