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Application Form Guidance

You're about to embark on the first stage of your journey to become an apprentice with CITB-ConstructionSkills.

These NOTES will help you make the most of your application form and will ensure that the information we receive from you can be used to support you through the recruitment process.

In order to complete this form you will also need the following information:

  • Your contact details.
  • Scottish Candidate number (as printed on school certificates) - if applying in Scotland.
  • Unique Learner number - if applying in England or Wales
  • Your exam grades (or predicted grades).
  • The contact details of any company which has offered you employment in construction. This includes a reference ID you may have been given by an employer.
  • The occupations you are interested in - though CITB-ConstructionSkills may offer you an apprenticeship in an alternative role if vacancies in your chosen role are not available.
  • We will also ask for your National Insurance Number and date of birth. These are not mandatory fields but we will need the details before you begin an apprenticeship.

In England and Wales apprenticeships can begin at any time during the year - attendance at college generally starts in August/September - sometimes in June. Apprentice recruitment in Scotland takes place between 1 February and 31 August.

You will need to pass the Skills Learning Exercise assessment before starting your apprenticeship. You can either visit our practice test website or you can  download a practice version in the form of a booklet before you apply.