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If you have completed your application for an apprenticeship or if you are thinking about doing it soon, the next step will be to complete the Construction Skills Learning excercise.

What is the assessment for?

The assessment you do once you have applied will be used to give you as much chance as the next person to show what you can do. This is not about making it difficult to get on to an apprenticeship, but about seeing what you can do in case you need extra support or guidance.

How do I do the test?

The assessment can be done in two different ways and you can practice either of them. You can have a go at the practice test so you can see whether you would like to do the assessment online or whether you would like to do the more traditional class-room style assessment.

We want to make sure that you do the test that is right for you.

What next?

To take the assessment you will need to register on the site and fill in the application form. You will then be invited to take the assessment by your chosen option.

If you have already completed your application and have been invited to take the test online then you can log-in here.